Saturday, December 15, 2007

An American Kid

Hey y'all,

This video is by the Christian group, Go Fish. They sing a lot of acappella music and also do a lot of kids' concerts, but this is a wild, toe-tapping, flag-waving song that I really liked. I hope you like it too. Turn your speakers up real loud and get ready to boogie to the music! For you who do not have high speed internet service, I know it bugs you to have me put up a video because it takes so long to load. Believe me, I understand. I have dial-up service at home. But what you do... start the thing downloading, go in and fix yourself a nice strong cup of Earl Gray tea, watch TV for a while, and then come back and watch this video. It's worth the wait.

Crazy about you, America, the flag, and kids

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