Monday, September 7, 2009

Chris Wilson's Big Upcoming Battle

Hello all you wild-eyed crazy fight fans,

Many of you know that my second son, Chris, is a professional UFC fighter. He and his sweet Brazilian wife, Luciana, along with their two kids, Lucas and Gabriela, live in Rio de Janeiro. Chris is a welterweight (170 lb.) mixed martial artist. His specialty is Muay Thai, otherwise known as Thai Kick-boxing, but he is a good all-around fighter. Some of you have asked me about when his next fight will be so I thought I'd give you a heads up. He will be fighting on Wednesday, September 16th in Oklahoma City in UFC Fight Night 19. It will be televised on Spike TV. You can check your local cable/satellite listings for exact show-times.

I can't guarantee that Chris' fight will be televised, however. His welterweight matchup against Mike Pyle is listed as the sixth fight on the 11 bout fight card so it may not end up on TV, depending on what happens in the fights that come before his. When he used to fight for Sportfight and then later on Portland's IFL team, the Wolf Pack, we always tried to attend his events. But then when he was contracted by Bodog and now with the UFC most of his fights are in far away places. Sometimes we have to watch him on pay-per-view TV, which is a really weird sensation, seeing your kid on worldwide TV.

If you would like keep up with Chris' career you should check out his website at... You can see the fight card for his upcoming Sept. 16th bout at... Another good source of information about his career can be found on his page at Sherdog's site at... They will give you all of his stats since the beginning of his career. It also has a link to the photos section that has a bunch of good photographs of many of his fights.

Some people have asked me what I think about Chris' choice of a career. I used to worry about him a lot, out of fear that he would get hurt in training or in one of his fights. I don't worry about that very much anymore. I'm proud of his drive and his dedication to his craft. He is a sportsman and a fine athlete. He fights clean and always shows honor and friendship toward his opponents. He does not talk a lot of smack about his opponents like some of the guys in mma. He is not a violent person outside the ring. He is not a sadist and does not enjoy hurting people per se. While working for Team Quest, among other things, he coached the children's classes. They loved him and admired him. More importantly, Chris is a good husband and a great dad to his kids. Fighters like Chris are no different than other serious athletes. He enjoys pushing himself to his limits and measuring his strength and abilities against other people.

The New Testament has many references to athletics and even to sports like boxing. The apostle Paul was very familiar with the athletic games of his day, and in his writing he often likens the Christian life to running a race or to competing in a fight. I believe that Paul would have jumped at the chance to see one of Chris' fights. I'm proud of him like I am of all three of my kids.

Looking forward to Chris' victory on 9/16,

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I Jumped... Finally!

Hello my twisted friends,

I promised that I would report back after my big skydive adventure. After two aborted attempts because of bad weather my friend, Dave Hopkins, and I finally made the jump last Wednesday, Aug. 26th at approximately 3:00 PM. IT WAS AMAZING!

I've got to tell you, that was the best $189.00 I've ever spent in my life. What a rush! Call me crazy if you want. I've already owned up to that anyway. But don't knock it until you've tried it.

All suited up and waiting our turn.

Dave and I waiting for the plane.

Heading out to the field to get on the jump plane.

Our ride awaits us. No turning back now!

That's me!

Survivors from 13,000 feet!

I would recommend skydiving to anyone. The scenery was beautiful both on the way up and the way down. This was something I've wanted to do for many years. Now I can't wait to do it again. I can see how it could become addictive. The sensation is more of soaring than of falling. I'm now jealous of the birds.

The leaping lunatic,

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Oh, the Government Can...

Hello crazy people wherever you are,

If you are wasting your time reading this then you obviously don't have a life. You should get out more, read a book, take a walk, or do some work for a change. Anyway, like many of you, I get bummed out and angry every time I stop to think about what our government in Washington D.C. has been up to lately. They are spending money that does not belong to them--my money, to be exact. They are giving that money to people who should not receive it. They are taking authority that was never given to them. They are using power that is not theirs to wield. That ticks me off!

It's not that I'm just against Democrats. The fact is, I don't have any use for the Republicans either. Both parties have compromised truth and morals for so long that they are out of touch with the Christian values that made this country great. I'm a loud Independent who would love to have a Door #3 to choose from. I'm sick of only having two options, both of which are lousy. Wouldn't it be nice to have somebody with brains, courage, common sense, and godly character to vote for? Where is Abraham Lincoln when you really need him? I've concluded that those guys in Washington on both sides of the aisle have all been bit by the same stinkin' bug. I'm sick and tired of them taking my money at gunpoint on April 15th and then telling me about all the wonderful things they are going to do for other people with my generous "contribution."

I found a video about this very subject that made me laugh. Sometimes laughing is all that we can do. I hope you enjoy it.

If it weren't for my faith in God and my absolute confidence in His wisdom and sovereignty, I would have despaired long before now. I fully believe that the recent presidential election went according to His plan. But that doesn't mean that I have to like it, or the high level decisions that have transpired subsequently that have brought our country to the brink of disaster. And it doesn't mean that I have to go quietly into the sunset like a dumb sheep.

With my limited understanding of all things political, it seems to me that our federal government has hijacked our personal freedoms in many areas over the past few years. I don't like the current administration and I find very little that they are doing that I can agree with. However, this is not the first time that God has allowed bad leaders to take over the reins of power; nor will it be the last time. I also believe in the truth of the old adage that says, "A nation gets the leaders that it deserves." We, the people, elected these bums. We, the people, put them where they are. We, the people, have put up with them and made excuses for them. Now we, the people, have to smarten-up and cowboy-up and throw the bums out and replace them with people who don't see politics as a career path, and who will actually abide by the Constitution for a change. What a concept!

Smiling all the way to the poorhouse,