Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Second Claim to Fame

Hello all you little crazy people,

Years ago my wife and I were active in a teaching/preaching/musical missionary ministry that took us to lots of interesting places. Our two little sons, Jonathan and Christopher, went almost everywhere with us. People would pinch their pudgy pink cheeks and say, "How cute. So you are Pastor Mike's little boy!" In other words, they were defined by who they were related to, by being my sons.

Skip forward a bunch of years. Now I go to a party or some event and people pinch my cute pudgy cheeks and say, "So you are Chris' dad," or "You are Jon's dad." The shoe is on the other foot. Now I am defined by being somebody's Old Man.

Since Chris became a pro-fighter I get that a lot. He is my biggest claim to fame anymore. I am Chris "The Professor" Wilson's dad.

Recently I was reminded again that I have a second claim to fame. My personal physician is a famous dude who was recently on "FOX and FRIENDS" on Fox News and has a hot new single entitled "Freedom, Family, and Faith" playing on the country stations.

His name is Rick Jackson (Ricky Lee Jackson) and he has been my doctor for umpteen years. He's a committed Christian and a political conservative, not to mention his being a good musician. He also happens to be the father of three pretty famous kids: his two sons, Jonathan and Richard are both well-known Hollywood actors; his daughter, Candice, is a published author.

If you want to read more about Rick and what he stands for check out his website at

Living on secondhand fame,

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  1. O so u only have sons I see how it is *sniff*


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