Monday, March 22, 2010

Ray Stevens Lives! - "We The People"

Hello crazy friends, near and far,

I have been a big Ray Stevens fan for a long time. He had me the minute I laid ears on that great classic song, "Ahab, the Arab, the sheik of the burnin' sands..." I remember years ago when we lived in Brazil and used to travel long distances by car. We would play Ray Stevens tapes to keep our kids occupied. As a result, to this day they can repeat every word and sing every tune of every one of those crazy songs. I think it may have warped their minds but you'll have to check with them and decide for yourself.

I recently came across this song by Ray and it made me laugh out loud. Moreover, it pretty much sums up my feelings about the recent health-care bill debacle. But regardless of your political leanings, this will make you chuckle. Guaranteed.

Signing off for now,